Audio Post-Production

Re-recording Mixing, ADR, and Foley

Re-recording Mixing, guided by the director during the “final mix” of a film project, is the process of making creative decisions from moment to moment in each scene about not only how loud each major sound element (dialog, sound effects, and music) should be relative to each other, and also modifying individual sounds when desired by adjusting their loudness and spectral content, by adding artificial reverberation, and by placing sounds in the three dimensional space of the listening environment for a variety of venues and release formats.

Additional Dialogue Recording (ADR) is a film sound technique involving the re-recording of dialogue after photography, also known as “looping” or a looping session.

Foley is a term used to describe a process of creating post-production sound effects for enhancing a soundtrack of a film, video, computer- or video-game or other multimedia work. “Foley” gets its name from Jack Donovan Foley (1891-1967), a sound editor at Universal Studios.

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