Angry Lamb Studios
Angry Lamb Studios Angry Lamb Studios

Recording Rig:
Apple Quad 2.4 GHz Intel Core i7 Mac (16GB RAM) w/ 1TB SSD
Event Studio Precision 8 Studio Monitors
ProTools 12 (64-Bit AAX) 96k/32-Bit Float
w/ DigiTranslator 2.0 (full OMF support)
UAD Apollo Quad

Outboard Gear:
Avalon VT-737sp Tube Channel Strips (2)

Neumann TLM-103
Shure SM-58

Arturia BeatStep Pro
African Hand Drum (Cape Town)
African Oil Can Electric Guitar (Cape Town)
American Fender Stratocaster Deluxe HSS
Hohner Echo Harp Harmonica (Munich)
Korg Little Bits Analog Synthesizer
Korg Microkorg-S Sythesizer and Vocoder
Korg Volca Kick Drum Synthesizer
Moog Voyager RME
Music Man Sterling 4-String Bass
Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S49 MK2 Keyboard
Roland TR-08 Rhythm Composer
Taylor 6-String Acoustic Guitar

Antares Autotune 5
Audioease Altiverb 7
Audioease Deep Phase Nine
Audioease Follo
Audioease Orbit
Audioease PeriScope
Audioease RiverRun
Audioease Roger
Audioease Snapper
Audioease Speakerphone 2
Digidesign SoundReplacer
IK Multimedia Amplitube 3
iZotope De-Click
iZotope De-Clip
iZotope De-Hum
iZotope De-Noise
McDSP Analog Channel
McDSP Channel G
McDSP Chrome Tone
McDSP Compressor Bank
McDSP Filter Bank
McDSP Futz Box
McDSP MC2000
McDSP ML4000
McDSP Revolver
McDSP Synthesizer One
Native Instruments Driver
Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5 Pro
Native Instruments Rammfire
Native Instruments Reflektor
Native Instruments Solid Buss Comp
Native Instruments Solid Dynamics
Native Instruments Solid EQ
Native Instruments Supercharger
Native Instruments The Finger
Native Instruments Traktor’s 12
Native Instruments Transient Master
Pultec EQH-2
Pultec EQP-1A
Pultec MEQ-5
SoundToys Crystalizer
SoundToys Decapitator
SoundToys EchoBoy
SoundToys FilterFreak 1
SoundToys FilterFreak 2
SoundToys PanMan
SoundToys PhaseMistress
SoundToys Tremolator
Synchro Arts VocALign Pro V4
Synchro Arts Revoice Pro 3
UAD 1176 Classic Limiter Collection
UAD 1176LN Legacy Classic Limiting Amplifier
UAD 1176SE Legacy Classic Limiting Amplifier
UAD Ampeg B-15N Bass Amplifier
UAD Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder
UAD AMS RMX16 Plug-In for UAD-2
UAD API Vision Channel Strip
UAD Brainworx bx_tuner
UAD Chandler Limited Curve Bender Mastering EQ
UAD Chandler Limited Zener Limiter
UAD EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator
UAD EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverb
UAD Eventide® H910 Harmonizer
UAD Fairchild Plug-In for UAD-2
UAD Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection
UAD FATSO™ Jr./Sr. Tape Sim. & Compressor
UAD Fender ’55 Tweed Deluxe
UAD Helios™ Type 69 EQ
UAD Lexicon® 224 Digital Reverb
UAD Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass Resonance
UAD Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip
UAD Manley® Massive Passive EQ
UAD Moog Multimode Filter Collection
UAD Moog Multimode Filter Plug-In for UAD-2
UAD Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection
UAD Neve 1073 / 1073SE Classic Console EQs
UAD Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection
UAD Neve 33609 / 33609SE Compressor
UAD Neve® 88RS Channel Strip
UAD Ocean Way Studios
UAD OTO® BISCUIT 8-bit Effects
UAD Precision Enhancer Hz
UAD Precision Mix Rack Collection
UAD Pultec EQP-1A Legacy
UAD Pultec Passive EQ Collection
UAD Pultec Pro EQ Legacy
UAD Raw Plug-In for UAD-2
UAD RealVerb-Pro Plug-In for UAD-2
UAD Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
UAD Softube Amp Room Half-Stack Plug-In for UAD-2
UAD Softube Bass Amp Room 8×10 Plug-In for UAD-2
UAD SSL 4000 E Channel Strip Collection
UAD SSL E Channel Strip Plug-In for UAD-2
UAD SSL G Bus Compressor Plug-In for UAD-2
UAD Studer® A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder
UAD Teletronix® LA-2A Legacy Classic Leveling Amplifier
UAD Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection
UAD Thermionic Culture Vulture
UAD Tube-Tech CL 1B Compressor
UAD UA 610-B Tube Preamp and EQ Plug-In for UAD-2
Waves GTR 3.5

Virtual Instruments:
Abbey Road | 60s Drummer
Absynth 5
Battery 5
Drum Lab
EZ Drummer
Kontakt 5
Ocean Way Drums Gold
Reason 8
Reaktor 5
Reaktor Spark
Reaktor Prism
Retro Machines Mk2
Scarbee A-200
Scarbee Clavinet/Pianet
Scarbee Mark I
Scarbee MM-Bass
Session Horns
Session Strings
Strike 2
Studio Drummer
Stylus RMX
Synthogy Ivory
The Grandeur
The Gentleman
The Giant
The Maverick
Vintage Organs
West Africa